Sunday, January 30, 2011

A regular client of mine confessed that her man wanted to shave her. She told me she was really nervous when he was down there with a razor so she kept her eyes closed. It didn't go well so he didn't shave her completely bald. The parts he did shave got irritated and she regretted letting him near her with the razor. This is when she told her man that she would never cheat on him and she would never cheat on Mary Elizabeth again either.


  1. ME is the best at what she does!
    I have been remiss in getting a regular brazilian the past few months. But it is time to schedule an appointment and get bald again. Cannot explain to anyone who has never had one, but it is liberating. I do feel different when I leave - free, confident, clean, sexy, just to name a few. See you in 2 weeks ME! I'm trying to convert a friend.

  2. Never shave down there...Never!