Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Californication is a funny and racy series on Showtime. It's pretty raunchy which is probably why I find it so amusing. There is a waxologist (not really a word but that's what they call her) on the show that waxes celebrity's pussies. On the last episode, they show her pitching to start a series of her own about what she does for a living. I think it is a great idea. Women have all sorts of drama and who wouldn't want to watch a show that focuses on pussies? This is where I need your help. My manuscript entitled "The Happy Hoo-Ha" is complete. All I need is someone to represent me and help me get it published. In this day of Internet networking, there has to be someone out there who knows someone who will think I am a tad bit interesting and funny. You have to admit that what I do for a living is pretty unique. Think of all the stories you have read to date. And there is so much more. So please spread the word. Women say crazy shit to me while they spread their legs. I have faith in my followers. Remember what my quest in life celebrate the perfectly primped pussy.

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