Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Some of you may remember your mother telling you it was always important to have on clean underwear in case you were involved in an accident. I believe it is more important to be "clean" beneath your undergarments. Let me give you an example why. I had a client who was procrastinating about coming in for a wax. Suddenly, she had terrible stomach pains. She was rushed to the hospital and admitted for four days before they decided to remove her appendix. One of the incisions was in her pubic area, so they were forced to shave part of it. When she got home, the rest of it was terribly long and she couldn't come in while she was recovering, so she trimmed the rest. When I saw the area, it was irritated from the razor and she complained that all of it itched from the trim and the shave. Yes, I believe in always being prepared.

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