Friday, January 6, 2017

After being gone for two weeks, I knew today would be a fun and potentially crazy day. Sadly, a lot of people had to cancel due to illness. The upside was that the cancellations gave me more time to enjoy the clients that were able to make their appointments. Many of the clients (both men and women) who did show up waited a long time between waxes. Frankly, I hadn't seen about a dozen of them since summer. I saw some big, bad bushes today. Extricating massive mounds
of hair from such a delicate area can elicit some crazy responses. There was swearing. There was yelling. More than anything, there were a lot of exultations towards God, Jesus, and the like. There was a great deal of religion at Mark & M.E. today. I feel like I spent an entire day at church. It was a fun, naked church, but it felt like church all the same.

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