Friday, May 12, 2017

I have a friend in Atlanta who sent me a story yesterday that I must share. Even children know the power of the Brazilian.

I have a great story for you -- perfect! Everyday at my lunch hour I go next door to the outdoor track to run/walk. Today was a perfect 88 degrees so I did just that then went into the Aquatic center to shower/change to go back to work.
As I was drying off a little girl was getting dressed by her mom to leave. She was probably all of 5 years old. She watched me get ready and then said to me in a very serious voice -- my mommy gets all of her hair down there taken off and my daddy likes it! The mom was mortified by this and tried to hush her up. But the little girl continued to tell me that she heard her daddy say how happy he was when she visited the hair doctor!

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