Sunday, July 9, 2017

Last night Mark & I went to Hattie's to celebrate another great week at Mark and M.E. I met a really nice couple at the bar who were from Chicago that I talked to for quite awhile. When they were leaving, they told Mark they thought his wife was funny. He agreed. Growing up, I never thought of myself that way. If I have a good sense of humor then I have to give all the credit to my job. The body part I wax is a little funny looking, sounds a little funny to say and is a pretty funny thing to do for a living. I love making men and women laugh through their wax and sometimes the conversations are outrageous, which makes the experience even more fun!  It's ironic that waxing v-j-jays for a living has given me a sense of humor, but I'll take it. I'm feeling very grateful today. Happy Sunday everyone!!

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