Monday, August 21, 2017

The August Edition of Rochester Woman Online is out and I'm sorry it's not in print form, because it is a spectacular issue! There is some beautiful photography and a ton of great articles in this fashion issue. In this month's installment,  M.E. Nesser wrote an article entitled "Good To Go."

Countdown continues....only 2 weeks of summer left. Don't wait until the last minute to schedule your Brazilian Bikini Wax!
A woman begged to come in on Thursday. It had been several months since her last wax and she said she couldn't wait until Friday. When she got on my table to get her Brazilian, I asked her what was so urgent about this appointment. I expected her to tell me she had a hot date. I was way off. Apparently, she had an appointment to put her 14 year old cat to sleep the following day. She told me, "I didn't want to kill two pussies in one day." Nope, I cannot make this stuff up.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

A new Passion Never Dies review is out on Amazon and I am very happy about it!!
"Great series! M.E. out did herself on this one. Who doesn't love a Happy Ending. I couldn't wait to read book 2 as the first book had left me feeling sad and didn't expect her true love story to end there. Prince charming arrives and saves Katherine. It's that what most women look for in their own romance fantasy."

When a Brazilian Wax client gives you a cucumber and you can't figure out the best way to take a selfie with it!
I'm so excited women are enjoying A Promise of Passion series! This was the latest review on Amazon." Love Romance novels and this one takes the cake. I just purchased book #2 as I can't wait to find out what lies ahead for Katie, aka Katherine- Kitten! Great job M.E."

Friday, August 18, 2017

Our 70's music genre matched the majority of bushes that stopped by Mark and M.E. today to get waxed...if you know what I mean.