Thursday, March 2, 2017

Mark and M.E. has had some definite difficulties staffing our salon in the past, as do most salons in the Rochester area. Last month, we had two employees quit within one hour from one another. We believe they enjoyed their simultaneous resignations. One gave no explanation, violated her non-compete, and began soliciting our clients via phone, email and social media. The second employee gave us a long explanation how she was moving out of town, which we just discovered was a blatant lie. She also violated her non-compete by moving 2.1 miles from our location. Mark and I are utterly disheartened by the lack of morality of today's workforce. We may demand hard work from our employees, but we never lied to them and the expectations were clear from the start. This is a difficult time for us, and we hope you all teach your children to be better people.

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